Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stitches, Stitches Every Where......

Since I have bought the Afghan hook in February, I have been wondering what I can make using it. Today I decided to learn the Tunisian stitch. I watched part of a YouTube video on how to do it and I have started making a purple and light blue baby blanket. I don't think that is a bad idea for a first project using this stitch. It is coming along pretty well I think. I am not sure if I like crocheting like this. It is really different then what I am used it. I have a funny feeling that if I can get this stitch down pretty well that I should be able to teach myself how to knit. (Not sure if that is something I want to learn how to do or not... YET)

This is the video I used to learn how to do this stitch. Tunisian Stitch I'm still not sure if I like this or not. It doesn't feel right. I feel like I should be knitting instead of crocheting. It's weird. So here are some pictures of what I have done already. I hope it turns out right. If anyone knows how to get it to stop curling that would be great. It is starting not to curl so maybe it's just because I'm pulling it too tight. Who knows.

It does look pretty.... doesn't it. I'm thinking this blanket will be for a girl because I have never seen a boy baby blanket with purple it in. Not totally sure yet either. What do you think?

This doesn't seem to be any quicker then when I normally crochet a baby blanket. I feel like I should be farther then what I am. Maybe it seems slower because I am just learning it. I don't know.

I hope this comes out like it is supposed to. I know a lot of people that are having babies this year and I figure if I just make a lot of baby blankets in different colors that I should have everyone covered.. Well... At least I hope so. I think the count is up to 10 or 12 more to go..  I already have made 3 or 4 of them so far. Not sure if I am going to make anything else to go with them or not. Maybe some booties, hats, jackets or vests. Still thinking about that one. I am thinking of trying to find or write up a pattern for pillow shams for toddlers. (I am not to sure if that many people actually use pillows with their babies or not. I  hear that kids shouldn't sleep with pillows till about age one.That's when I gave my daughter her first pillow) That is if no one else gets pregnant this year.

I am not sure why (since Spring is almost here) that I am getting so many new ideas to crochet. I normally crochet during the Winter because during the Spring and Summer; I'm normally outside all day and late into the night. (Yard work, Bonfires, hanging out with friends and family... Etc.)

May be I need to make a bag that I can take my crochet work anywhere with me. That would be a great idea....hmmmmmmmmmmm......... maybe another project at hand.......

This is a close up of the blanket I am making. Not sure if I am doing it right or not, but it looks nice. I am thinking of staying with the purple and the light blue and doing the edge in white or black. I'm not that far yet, so I have time to make that decision.

I feel lost this week. My daughter has been home all week from school due to pink eye (she normally goes Monday - Thursday). She was sent home from school Monday because she was throwing up. Tuesday she woke up with green gunk and crustiness on her eye... So today is the last day for the eye drops (which have been nothing but a fight) and I am soooooooo GLAD for that. Who in their right mind gives a five year old eye drops?? I wonder if there is anything else they could have given her...... Well now that she is feeling better, it seems like everyone else in town is getting sick too. Maybe we should have had a sicky party... LOL.

Well I'm off here for now. I will post more pics when I get them taken of this blanket. I hope everyone is having a great day and GOD bless.

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  1. I do hope your daughter fully recovers soon! Your blanket looks great. I have tried knitting and just felt I could have done more in the time. I have never tried the Tunisian Stitch so I will be interested to keep up with your progress. Have a great weekend. Chel x


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