Monday, March 11, 2013

Every 28 Days.....

I swear... Some times people are so bored that they have to start drama. I have finally figured out why. Wanna find out... It makes perfect sense too. Ok, let me explain a little bit and then I will tell you what I figured out.

This past week has been WONDERFULLLY filled with HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA. Yes, I know. It just some times it feels like everyone is going nuts at the same time. I know things normally come in 3s but a WHOLE WEEK?? WOW. What did I do to become so SPECIAL in so many people's lives that DRAMA keeps tryin to pop its UGLY head in???

SO what did I figure out... Its simple really................

DRAMA IS LIKE A PERIOD; IT COMES FLOWING IN EVERY 28 DAYS..................................

I swear it is the way it happens. Some one has to be PMSing some WHERE right?!?!?!?! LOL. So ok that is my little vent. So now onto bigger and better things..

So with all this going on I have managed to finish the blanket I was working on and I know started a monkey for my little buddy for Easter. He will be three this year and so I'm using the brightest colors I have. To me it looks a lil girly but i will see what I can do with it. I can't wait for him to see it. I also made him this hat:

I am really liking how things are coming together. As the years that I have been crochet keep adding up, my skills are getting better. (To bad I can't say that about my body.  LOL) My AWESOME neighbor got a new rocking chair so she gave me her old one. It would be awesome to find a foot stool to go with so I can crochet and rock in it at the same time.

Well time for this Hooker to go get some coffee and clean up a little bit. It is rainy here and icky out and I really don't want to do anything. Is that just me?? I hate gloomy weather. I rather have it nice and sun shinning out. The sun is my friend..............


  1. Drama does seem to come round regularly normally when you have just managed to get it all together :D - nice blog found you on linky love

  2. Thanks. Yeah i have noticed that too. That is ok. I know how to over come it


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