Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Monkey See.. Monkey Doo....

I get so EXCITED when my new issue of Crochet World comes in. I love looking for new ideas or just reading the fan stuff too. Most of the time nothing really POPs out at me, but this month there are a couple things that I thought were really COOL.

This monkey is soooooo cute. I'm working on it right now and it is so easy to make. I am using the brightest colors I have because the person I'm making it for is turning 3 this year. It would probably be done already, but I haven't been feeling well at all. This weather change we are having isn't making me feel any better either.

The school called the other day, Lil Miss is throwing up.... GREAT........... So, I go and pick her up and she kept throwing up. Just bread now.. It worked. She went to bed feeling fine and I was going to send her to school the next day, but..... She woke up burning up with her eye all RED, crusty, and green gunk coming out... Well... Dang it.... I know what it is.

So since she is a new patient at her pedi's, they wouldn't see her so I took her to er. She got looked over and was given eye drops and no school till its totally clear in both eyes. So now my time is spent, chasing a 4 year old around my house making sure she is washing her hands and not touching her eyes. Then I have to chase her down every 3 hrs to fight with her for the eye drops. I really can't wait for her to go back to school.

This is my monkey so far, I made a few changes. His eyes are supposed to be flat against his head and I filled them so they would  pop. I am not sure if I like this or not. For some reason that I don't know... one ear ended up a little bit bigger then the other. Oh well. I think it has character. LOL.

I did learn something new making this monkey and that is how to make the loops for the hair. I really did not know how to do that. I like it. I think his eyes look like frog eyes. Ooooppppsss...

So now, sitting around doing nothing. Well not really. This is doing something right... I mean you are really never doing NOTHING. You are always breathing and ..........................

Wow.. Where did that all come from... Talk about losing my train of thought. Any way. I can't wait to give this monkey to my lil buddy. I know he loves monkeys and he is always climbing on top of things. Its GREAT. I love spending time with him!! He is just so darn cute. ( I will have to talk to his daddy and see if I can post pics of him. :) )

 This is the other pattern I am thinking of trying to do. It is soo cute too. These two patterns POPPED right out at me and were SCREAMING at me to make them. I agreed. I am also sharing the pattern with Missa and my mom who both fell in love with this and lil monkey.

I know Missa has been waiting on me to fill some patterns for her that I told her I had but I'm sure she understands what is going on... If not... I can send LIL MISS to her house.... LOL.. Too bad it wasn't the chicken pox. Then we could have a chicken pox party!!! WOOT! I will have to keep that in mind. Well, its been about 2 hrs since I did Lil Miss's eye drops and I know as soon as she sees me reach for the bottle she is gonna FREAK again..
Fun fun.
Catch ya later HOOKIES

Well.. Well... Well... Guess what!! I finished the monkey. It turned out soooooooooooooo CUTE!! I can't wait for my (soon to be) step son to see it. I made it for him for Easter. I can't wait!!!! His dad told me that no matter what.... I CAN NOT GIVE IT TO HIM UNTIL EASTER!!! Well............ where is the fun in that..... :(  Oh well. I'm going to go to Goodwill and find some baskets and make our OWN Easter baskets. Then I just found that we are going to be doing an Easter Egg hunt with the kids. Oh happy memories!! I love memories!! Ok.. Enough chit chat. Here are the pics of the finished monkey!!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!!

This is the picture I took right after I got done with it. I already have another order for one. My neighbor is having a little boy and she wants one. I think I am going to make her monkey John Deere Colors. :)
This second picture is just me trying to get a good picture of it. For some reason my camera on my old phone doesn't always work right. I'm thinking it may be time to save up some money and buy a new camera.

The third picture shows how long his tail is. A fan on our Facebook page has stated that she has made this same monkey and the tail ended up the same with hers too. That means neither of us messed up and that is how the pattern is supposed to be. I tried many different ways of pinning up the tail but it just didn't look right to me.
Just one last picture. It is just too cute. I love it. I am so happy on how it turned out. I just hope he likes it as much as I do. Easter can NOT get here fast enough. I am soooo HAPPY!! :)

If anyone wants this pattern.. please let me know. It is not my own. It came from my Crochet World Magazine. I will be more the happy to share it with everyone. In the next few months, the maker of this pattern is making different animals. I know I have another pattern that she has written. I believe it is a dog. The next issue I believe is an elephant. If this keeps up, my buddy is gonna have his very own zoo soon. That is a GREAT IDEA!! 

                            MONKEY SEE... MONKEY DO!!!


  1. She would have too Much fun at my house --- Ron would spoiler her ... LMAo


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