Thursday, February 28, 2013

With Just a Little Help.....

So I  started making a baby blanket for a friend of mine since we cut a deal on my next tattoo. (I'm not posting his name or anything like that until I talk to him about it first) I had him come over and pick out the colors he wanted since I just got done buying new yarn. I was shocked at the colors he picked out. I tried and tried and tried to figure out how to make these colors work well. Finally after about 3 days and talking to Missa; I finally figured it out.

So far so good. I have added some white to make it a little bit longer on the account I only had 1 skein of one color he wanted and only 2 of the other. Plus the white looks cool too. I have decided to edge it out in all black when its done. I think it will turn out pretty well.

I tried pattern after pattern and finally I just gave up. One day I just picked up the yarn and my lucky H hook and started crocheting. Once again the yarn and the hook knew what was going work. I really need to start trusting my yarn more. :)  This is what is looks like so far. I'm pretty happy with it.

Thanks Missa for dealing with me and helping me figure out how to get these colors to work. I know we talk and talk and talk for days on end to try to figure this out. You told me "GOOD LUCK!" Well my friend... We FIGURED it out!! WOOT! I can not wait to see what it looks like when it is done.

So as I working on this blanket and our dogs are going crazy and running through the house. It's quite comical because I own a little 9 week old Chi Weenie and my friend owns 3 other small dogs. Of course mine is the smallest out of all of them and he is the one attacking. WHOA hold on.. Getting off topic here..

Anyway. Like I said, sitting here crocheting this blanket and Hunter cant jump on the furniture.. (Not that he isn't trying.. he just isn't that big yet.) So I reach down and grab him.. He starts messing with the blanket I am making. Chewing on it, laying on it and what not. I sooo had to take pictures. It was soo cute.  Now he is passed out on my lap fast asleep.

So now that he is settled down and is sleeping, may be  I can get some more of this blanket done. For some reason the animals think it's time to take a nap when I bring the yarn out. Must be the feel of it. I know if i had a blanket made I would use it all the time. Speaking of which... That may be something I am going to have to make. I keep making blankets for everyone else.. now it's about time I make myself one too.

I have actually got a lot done on this blanket. It doesn't seem like it but it is getting bigger so it must be working.. I am really glad that these colors are working well together now that we have it figured out. Sometimes getting outside help really does help. I am quite proud of this blanket and what it is becoming. It's so pretty.

I'm guessing that it is time to put the crocheting away now. I think my couch ate my hook. :( My couches seem to like crochet hooks; I swear it's the only thing the couch eats. GRRR. I don't even have to move and the couch eats it. Oh well. Since no more crocheting for the night, time to find something else to do. Maybe a nice hot bubble bath, a good book, some television..Who knows....

Well today wasn't very successful that's for sure. I cleaned, did laundry and cooked dinner. I think I worked on this blanket for a total of 15 mins so far today. I might be able to get some more done if Lil Miss chills out and watches television or reads a book. She has been wound for sound today. I think she is coming down with a case of Spring Fever. I can't blame her. I'm getting it too.

I am about half way done with this pretty baby blanket I am making and I'm really excited to get it done. I wanna see how it comes out and how it looks. I know that I want to edge the whole thing with black but I am not sure what kind of edging I want to do. It's for a girl I believe so I have lots of options. I will post a pattern for this blanket when it is completely done. (I will make sure to have it linked to this page too.)

I have finally got the blanket done. I think it turned out pretty well. I really hope my friend likes it since I made it for them. I am glad it's done because I know he will send me pics of the baby in it. I can't wait. Now here is what it turned out to be and I would love comments and any feed back on it.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow Day

So school was cancelled today… So what happens.. My daughter hears the alarm go off at 6 this morning and stays up. FUN FUN. Now we are watching cartoons and slowly cleaning the house up. We have really don’t have anything planned out for today since she is supposed to be in school.. I swear Mother Nature never had any kids.

So cartoons has been what we have been watching.... what happened to the old cartoons? They need to bring them back. I bet the kids now would love them. I have chatted with Melissa most of the day. Done some laundry and right now I'm taking a break.  Then in a few.. it's time to vacuum the floors and do up the dishes. I feel like I need a nap been going since 6 this morning. WOW! What a long day it has been so far. I feel like I haven't gotten anything done. Oh well. Must be the weather.

My daughter (Angellicka - but I call her lil miss) seems to have an attitude today. Not sure why either. She seems to be going through the teen years a tad bit early. She will be 5 in April so I'd say a LOT early. WOW! Not really sure what to do about this. I sent her to her room figuring she will either calm down and do what I asked her or she will take a nap. Either is fine with me. I'm thinking she is tired since she has been up since 6 am too. About 20 mins after I sent her up to her room, she comes down and starts doing what I asked...mmmmm..... I wonder what happened up there. She was the only one up there too. WOW! What a change in attitude. I like this one much better. :)

Well, since I got the house clean. I guess it's time to go figure out what is for dinner. I will see you all tomorrow.

Later I do know that I am going to be working a baby blanket for a friend of mine and probably going through my patterns again. Trying to get every thing organized so I know where something is when I need it. I don’t like having my craft supplies all over the place. Drives me crazy. 

What are some of your pet peeves??

Kountry Crochet 101

I came up with Kountry Crochet because I love living out in the country and I like to crochet. I didn't like the way Country Crochet looked so I just changed it up a little bit.

We do have a facebook page Kountry Crochet that is ran with the help of  my friend Melissa, who also runs her own page CrochetingClub with my help.

We have decided that since we run both pages, work on the CrochetingClub newsletter together and we both have blogs for both pages that we might as well work on the blogs together too. Any posts made on +Kountry Crochet by Melissa will be signed ~MH~ and any posts on Crocheting Club by me will be signed ~B~. Any post that is not signed on either blog is written by the owner of the blog.

I do sell some of the stuff I make. If there is something you see please feel free to ask about it. I don't charge for any patterns and most of the patterns I do use I either find online or I try to write myself.

We will talk about our personal lives, our facebook pages and many other things. Please no BASHING. We voice our views and feelings and we are only human. If you don't agree with something don't say anything or email the person in private. Don't do it where everyone can see it.

Please play fair and lets 

Snow Storm Warning

So the snow started falling around 5pm today, and it is still coming down. They said on the news they are predicting around 9-15 inches. We now have no internet or cable, so I am actually typing this out on MS WORD to make sure I get down what I want to get down before I head to bed.

 I wonder why so many schools wait to the last minute to cancel school. I’m sorry but if I look out side and I won’t drive to work in it, I’m not sending my kid to school on a bus. To me it’s for the safety of my child. My first concern is my child and I will do anything and everything to make sure my child is safe. Parents please do not send your child out to catch the bus if you are not willing to drive in it yourself. Think about the kids and all the distractions that the bus driver has.

I really do hate the snow. It’s pretty on the trees and the bushes, but not on the road or the ground. I don’t like the cold either, makes my pain worse. So, what can I do?? Nothing really… I live in Michigan and the weather changes like turning a light switch on and off. 

I do enjoy seeing the kids play in the snow. I remember liking the snow as a kid. I wonder what happened? Makes me wonder how many ADULTS now dislike playing in the snow and how many ADULTS still like playing in the snow. Do you even remember what your favorite thing to do on a snow day was? I know I used to like sledding but I think its because I used to get hot coco when we got home. 

Well… I guess I should be heading to bed since we have no internet or cable to see if school is cancelled or not.. So that means I have to get up earlier then normal to find out. I am not going to wake my lil one up if I don’t have to. She has been really tired lately and I’m not really sure why. 

So with this, I say GOODNIGHT HOOKERS!! 

Something to Introduce Myself

My name is Billie and I like to crochet. I run two pages on Facebook (Kountry Crochet and CrochetingClub) with my friend Melissa. I am always looking up new patterns or trying to write some myself. I am a mother to a wonderful little girl who will be turning 5 in April. She is getting so big. She is attending preschool all day from 8am - 3pm. it’s nice. I like the idea because it gets her used to being in school all day. She likes it cause she gets to ride the bus all by herself and almost all of the neighbor kids are in her class.
I have a wonderful boyfriend who is helping me out when I need it. Glad he is around because it seems like I need more and more help. I have some medical issues that make it hard for me to do every day things. I am fighting SSI right now all by myself. I am hoping I win, but if not... I will apply again and go though the process all over again. Some times it is hard for me to ask for help, I'm pretty stubborn. I will try and try and try to do something I know I shouldn't be doing. Why??? Just to prove to myself that I CANNOT do it and to let myself know what my limits are. I know it doesn't really make much sense, but oh well. 
I just got done passing my very first Kidney Stone the other day. I know this may not seem to interest too many people, but being down for 4 days and not being able to do much is what gave me the idea to start a blog. At least then I would be working on something when I'm down and I won't be so bored.
I will be adding some of the blogs that I am following, some websites I roam a lot, some odds and ends, some tips and tricks and maybe some other whatnots.. Feel free to follow along, leave some comments, ask questions or just hang out. If you test any of my patterns, please let me know what needs to be corrected or changed so I can change it.  
So I now WELCOME you to my blog. Please make yourself at home. I want everyone to feel welcomed and wanted here. I love feedback: negative or positive, I listen to it all. If we didn't... how would we learn? And don't forget.. YOU LEARN SOMETHING NEW EVERYDAY!!!
Just remember: